Friday, April 21, 2006

off to the races

I've got a family reunion coming just before July 04, and I can't wait! I've got family from Louisiana to Washington that I haven't seen in years, including some nieces and nephews I've never even met. It just amazes me how the clan spiders out to plant new roots, then brings up all these remarkable kids all over the country. People I last saw as elementary schoolers are marrying and having kids of their own... it's just mind-boggling.

Aside from joining a new church a few weeks ago, I start a new job on May 01. I gave notice at the current place a few days ago, which hit a lot of people like a wheel of cheese to the head. The new post is as a Systems Architect, a promotion from my current post as Systems Administrator. I'm really excited about the change. It's definitely a higher level of responsibility and a more advanced level of work. I've been three years at my present post, several times longer than any IT stint before I left Baton Rouge. That was the one substantial thing missing on my resume, seniority. I'm glad to get that off my back.

To all my family who have signed me up in the last few weeks, I'll see you soon! David, Andrea, Lisa, Jonathan, and all the rest. Take care, and see you in July.