Saturday, July 26, 2008

speedbump on the road to recovery

I'm 9wks into my recovery. The initial prognosis was that at wk 12, I would be carrying half my weight on the leg and taking short unassisted walks. That's all been pushed back. In wk 7, we found an abscess on my knee, right at the incision site from one of the surgeries. Two wks after the crash, they had to reopen my knee, loosen the screws, and tap my leg farther up onto the rod to shorten it about an inch. That site, that's the one that got the abscess. I went five wks without so much as a fever, but overnight I spiked 101F and swelled up so much I had to be carried around in a wheelchair. It was excruciating. I was bedridden for four days overall, sleeping intermittently and sweating and crying quietly. It was miserable.

The doctor drained about 30cc of fluid out of my knee that came back infection-free. I got some relief from that almost immediately. The incision site had to be reopened, cleaned out, and packed with gauze to allow drainage and regular cleaning. Turns out the infection was MRSA, so now I'm on daily IV antibiotics. I have a central IV line in my arm so I can administer the antibiotics at home, and I have an open wound under a bandage that people dig around in three times a week. Still, I returned to the office yesterday, having worked from home most of the week. It felt good to get out again.

It sucks, and it's set me back a couple weeks in the overall plan. Still, I have to acknowledge that God has taken care of me and my home. This will pass. My body will fight this off. I will have an appreciation for certain very difficult parts of life that were foreign to me before. I've learned a new compassion through all this, some understanding of what chronically sick people endure. That was new to me.

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