Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Snowpocalpyse 2011

We got 8 inches of snow early this week in Atlanta, more outside the perimeter.  That's not much by Chicago standards, but Atlanta doesn't have a fleet of snowplows and didn't salt the roads in advance.  This town's a parking lot, and OTP is one giant truck stop.  My neighborhood's a hill, and apparently our driveway is at an inflection point on the curvature of the hill.  That's why the police blocked off the street at our building.  Not taking this for granted, I have friends who can't get out of their houses, even on foot.  I can walk to a Super Target and a noodle shop if I take my time.  I'm likely to fall, but I can get there.

Lucky for me, I work in IT and can do my job from home as long as my internet connection is up.  I've been inside the apartment for days now and just had to go see the destruction.  The cars parked in the office staff places were penned in by cars behind them that were penned in by snow and ice.  So glad I parked where I was supposed to.  Then I heard 'creak, crack, CRASH!' from farther down the lot and had to go get this picture.

There were a couple of guys hanging around with grade-school grins on, so I made conversation.  "Did you see that fall?", they asked me with a nervous excitement.  If you peer closely enough, you can almost make out this little fringe of white around the rooftop over the car in the "No Parking" space.  That's a glacier, creeping its way off off the corrugated tin roofing in slabs a foot square and an inch thick.  They warned me not to get too close.  I responded with "yeah, that must be why this is a 'No Parking' zone" and then popped out my camera to catch the next drop on video.  One of the guys said, "Yeah, that's my car". 

I apologized for him, but admitted the whole glacier thing was really cool.  Not cool for his car, but cool in an academic sense.  It's technically a glacier.  It didn't seem to help, so I turned toward the street and found this thing.  That's supposed to be a sidewalk under the Grand Cherokee.  I took a couple steps, camera in hand, and the other guy said, "yeah, that's my Jeep".

I went back to work.

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