Wednesday, March 23, 2011

work-life balance

I thought this was funny at first, but then that passed.  Is this still funny? 

My company used to show a slide about "Work-Life Balance" during its quarterly meetings.  Every 3 months, this exec would take a moment to say how they're working to improve our work-life balance with tele-work programs.  It never came up that what we wanted was to take time off without burning out our last remaining teammate(s) and coming back to a 60-hr week.  It turned out that the same systems that allowed Asian contractors to do our jobs during our nights and weekends also enabled American staffers to work nights and weekends.  I never really understood that slide, but I was reading into it something like "Shifting Your Work-Life Balance Toward Getting Your Life Back".  Their version was more just a bullet point.

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