Friday, August 4, 2006

Vacation at Kentucky Kingdom!

So Friday morning, my wife says "I feel like getting away for the weekend". A couple hours later, I get TXT that says she's found such-and-such price on a hotel plus tickets to Kentucky Kingdom, the Six Flags location in Louisville. An hour after that, I get TXT that we have reservations and leave after work!

Had a great time. Rode some stuff. Rode the "Change" coaster twice! Got wet a few times. I tell you... it's been almost 15 years since I went on a coaster or had my stomach drop out from under me. That first time is like "whooOOOOOOAAAAAHHHH!" Nothing else feels quite like that. So we got a little time away, just her and me. It was great. You have to do that once in a while. I worked OT the few days before the trip, and I've worked 20 hrs OT in the week since. It was good to get a break.

Uploaded a few new pics. Not very many to speak of, but a few good ones. My favorite's the one of Dawn showing off the ink on her arm in front of Tattoo Charlie's. She didn't get it done there, but we spotted it from the road. The cool thing is that I saw a Tattoo Charlie's billboard from the interstate the day before and got a kick out of the slogan. Purely by chance, we drove by it Sunday morning, so we HAD to take a couple pictures. "Tattoos while you wait." Think about that a minute... how ELSE are you going to get a tattoo?