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Spring Vacation gone sideways

I accompanied my wife on a vacation these last two weeks. We went to a two-day camp of the California Superbike School ( ) at Virginia International Raceway ( ). I got this tuned-up little Kawasaki Ninja 600, setup for my weight and wearing new race tires. I rode that thing as fearlessly as I've ever ridden anything. I got passed by people, and I passed people who are semi-pro racers. I learned so much. My wife learned so much, too, and had a great time. I kid you not, I rode hanging off the side of that bike like a crazy man. I just wanted to go faster and faster, and they taught me the tools to do it safely and efficiently. Fantastic time. Two days after the camp, we were back up in the GA mountains on our own bikes. I remember being a full day and 90 minutes into the mountain part of our vacation, feeling confident and controlled and full 15mph faster on the same roads I had trained on before going to camp. It w