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Finding my way back to my own street

Well, that blog thing didn't last a real long time. I poured out a few things that were huge in my life at the time, but it wasn't something I just "do". You know? Most of the blogging I've done the last three months has been at a workout related site where I post my routines. I've got a friend who will mention, once in a while over coffee, "if you had read my blog, you would know that ..." some important thing I'm not aware of. I cringe every time I hear the word "blogosphere". So totally made-up and narcissistic. Might as well be the turdoplex or the tweetodrome. I get the same feeling looking at my 60 ICQ contacts who are never online and haven't spoken to me in 8 years or the 100 facebook friends I've never said more than "hi" to. Let me get back to that. A lot happened immediately after that MRSA infection lit up my knee last June. That changed my life, even in the short-term perspective of me being lai