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HB2, solution in search of a problem

Just days ago (mid-2016), there were radical Muslim terrorist attacks at two different LGBT locations. One resulted in 50 deaths and 53 casualties; the other was thwarted before execution at a public parade in America's second-largest city. It's been difficult to absorb the finger-pointing and name-calling that followed. This has been called an attack on America, an abuse of unregulated gun availability, and other things that escape the primary issue. A religious extremist chose a building full of gay people and tried to kill them all. I happen to live in the city that prompted the North Carolina HB2 legislation, and the aftermath of that fiasco has helped me crystallize a few of my opinions. First, it grieves me to lump all Muslims in the same basket. I've had Muslim acquaintances who were nice folks and good neighbors. They came to America to escape this exact fanaticism at home. The one feature of this modern Islamic extremism that separates it from all other spiritu