Wednesday, July 10, 2013

The Reunion Tour, and other classic rock nonsense

A Facebook friend of mine sent me an invite to a FB Event, the reunion tour of a band we used to listen to named White Heart. By "used to", I mean in the early 90s. I found a few clips of them on the YouTubes for old times' sake. Yes, I've got a half-dozen CDs, but none of them are on my mp3 player. And, that should tell you something.

There's a Classic Rock experience I've had a few times now, usually at a Five Guys or in the squat rack at the gym. This bombastic stream of early 80's MTV pop will play, followed by something like "Purple Haze" or "Bulls On Parade". Suddenly, everything prior and everything after just sounds immature and cheap. Even on the radio, one of these songs with passion and fire and raw instruments in their natural form will play, and you just want to turn your radio off afterward.